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We shape the future of POSM. The ADV Innovation team develops solutions in close cooperation with our key customers. Those smart solutions collect valuable data at the POS and simplify content management.

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Stock recognition

Distinguish the unique brand/type of each unit.


Stock counting

Identify the current stock level within a shelf.


Media Management

Manage and control videos and images from one central location.


Stock counting

Out-of-stock elimination

The smart systems introduced by ADV ensure the right product is on the right shelf at the right time. In Europe, the average out-of-stock rate equals 8,6%, which results in lost sales and empty shelves. 

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Stock measurement

ADV developed systems which allow you to measure sales and current stock levels directly at the POS. The gathered data is transmitted, analysed and accessible in a central platform. This allows purchasing managers to gain real-time overviews of current stock levels.

Delivery route calculation

ADV smart considers current stock levels, sales records, and delivery periods to identify the optimal delivery route to restock – fully automatically.

Size measuring

Smart pushers allow to identify the current position within the shelf and therefore count the remaining SKUs. This technique is suitable for all products which are presented via pushers.

Weight measuring

Scales placed underneath large shelves are able to identify small changes within the overall load measured. This method is widely used for large standardised products.

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Stock recognition

Planogram control

The smart systems introduced by ADV is able to identify the SKU visible to the customer. Firstly, the user has to upload the intended planogram. Then, the smart shelf is able to detect the actual planogram at the POS. With the help of the smart system, any difference between the intended and actual planogram is identified in a real time.  Therefore, you can be sure that the customer can see your product at the intended place within the shop.

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Stock identification

ADV developed a system which allows you to observe and automatically identify the current SKU directly at the POS. The collected images are compared to a large and extendable database of products and brands and are uniquely identified. No additional identifiers such as product- or barcodes are required.

Video cameras

A large number of cameras are placed within the shelf to recognize each desired SKU. Within certain time intervals, an updated picture is taken. Following, the image recognition algorithms installed identify each SKU and send the data to a central server. This allows a real-time planogram control from anywhere in the world.

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Media content management

POS content management simplified

With the increasing quantity of screen presenting videos & digital images at the POS the demand for efficient and flexible management arises. The ADV innovation team developed a system to remotely control, change and schedule all digital contents shown at the POS.

Global access

All screens are accessible from anywhere in the world. The management system allows to change contents to show new campaigns or present changing media files according to a predefined schedule.

The connected POSM

Each display is connected to one central controlling unit. Via mobile data or a Wifi connection this computer is accessed and the media content managed. This connection allows updating the promotion media without a visit at the POS.

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ADV smart web interface

The retail control & management panel

All smart systems introduced by ADV are using a central interface to gather the data collected at countless POSs. The data is centrally analysed and visualised.



Richard Schlutter

Richard Schlutter


Richard Schlutter

Richard Schlutter